Carbon Monoxide: Why you need to have your gas appliances regularly serviced

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is high priority. All day, every day you make decisions that are designed to protect your wellbeing. Which is why the safety of your gas appliances should be pride of place at the top of your list!

Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as a silent killer because there is often little sign of a problem until it’s too late.

That’s why we want to explain why it is important that you get your gas appliances regularly serviced by a reputable company.

What is a gas safety check?​

If you call THT Ltd to conduct a regular gas safety check, you can rest assured that our qualified and experienced engineers can conduct the following, thorough checks.

  • Gas pressure check
  • Gas appliances function tests plus check for signs of wear, tear and damage that may affect its safety.
  • Flue test to ensure there is no carbon monoxide leakage.
  • Condition check of your gas meter.

Having completed these checks, we can offer guidance on the health of your gas appliances and carry out repairs as necessary. In the unlikely event that your appliance is considered unsafe for use, we may disable it from further use and advise you to replace the appliance. This is sometimes referred to as being condemned.

Why do you need a gas safety check?​

There are three main reasons you should make regular gas safety checks a non-negotiable part of your household maintenance.

First and foremost it is vital for you and your family’s safety, Carbon Monoxide poisoning is not just something that you read about happening to other people. It can happen to anyone who is using an unsafe gas appliance and is a particular risk if your gas appliances have not been regularly serviced. Blocked ventilation systems can lead to small leaks, which in turn lead to a potentially serious risk to life within your home. 

We understand people can overlook having their gas appliances regularly safety checked – it’s one more thing to do in an already busy  life. It can be a real nuisance. As a reputable family-run business, THT Ltd aim to make the process as simple as possible for you. 

The second reason is that failing to maintain your home and its fixtures and  fittings in a safe manner may invalidate your home insurance. An annual gas safety check can protect your financial, as well as your physical, health. In the event you need to make an insurance claim as a result of anything related to gas appliances in your property, your claim may be refused if you do not have a valid Gas Safety Certificate.

Finally, fully functioning appliances and gas heating systems mean you benefit from the utmost efficiency and reduce the likelihood of unexpected repair bills or hefty utility bills. Little and often is the best way to keep your family safe and your repairs affordable.

Need to book a gas safety check?​

To book a gas safety check from a trusted, reputable local company you need look no further than THT Ltd. We have been providing quality service in the Southampton area since 2008, taking pride in our work and boasting many loyal customers. Just give us a call – we are always happy to help.