Powerflushing: the benefits to your home

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the buildup of dirt, sludge, rust and debris from inside your heating system is slowly reducing its efficiency. You probably won’t realise until you decide to look into the cause of those high bills or question why you’re having to crank the heating up further to feel the warmth.

Powerflushing is a cleaning process we provide for your home, using a high flow/low pressure unit and strong chemicals to rid debris and rust from throughout your heating system. A thorough clean will help reduce any chance of wasted energy within your home, allowing for cost savings and a better heating system.

Do I need a power flush?​

You may need to consider power flushing if you’re noticing:

  • Excessive noise from your boiler
  • Poor hot water distribution
  • Poor heat distribution around the home
  • Discoloured radiator water when conducting a bleed
  • Cold spots on radiators

The good news is, if you have a regular power flush you can most likely avoid significant damage being caused to your heating system. However if you leave it too long, or ignore these problems, you are likely to need further repairs on your boiler and heating components as time goes on. Not only will you have the headache of a heating system in poor working order, but also the financial implications to consider too.


​If you choose a power flush from THT Ltd, you will enjoy immediate benefits as well as for the longer term.

Increased efficiency​

From the moment your power flush is complete, your home heating system will be running more smoothly. Whether it’s your radiators or hot water, you’ll be able to enjoy a higher quality and more reliable output within your home. No more double jumpers in December.

Better heat distribution​

Similarly, you will notice a big change in how your home is heated. Remember that room which was always colder than the others? By power flushing all elements of your home’s heating system, you will enjoy efficient and effective heat distribution throughout your property.

Reduced energy bills

Increased efficiency means less work for your boiler, and less often. By increasing its output and ensuring all of the energy is getting around your home, you will likely find you can turn down your boiler to a temperature lower than you are used to. You may also find you don’t need it on quite as often. Bonus!

Longer lifespan for your boiler​

By keeping your boiler regularly serviced and using a power flushing service when you notice any of the warning signs, you keep your boiler healthy. The long term benefits of these processes mean a significantly reduced likelihood of you needing an unexpected boiler replacement. It’s also likely to lead to a reduction in the need for small repair work, too.

So, what next?

If you are noticing the signs of bad circulation within your home, then a power flush is likely to be the answer to your problems. However, if you are only suffering from cold spots on a couple of radiators, it may be quicker and easier to flush them separately. At THT Ltd, our PowerFlush service includes an additional MagnaCleanse at no extra cost. You can read more about it here.

We would always recommend talking to an expert about the best course of action to increase heating efficiency and save you money every month. If you’d like to chat to one of our team about our power flushing service and whether it’s the right choice for your home, please give us a call.